Saturday, January 12, 2008

Gum Chewers Confess

In addition to being a professional photographer, I spend a bit of time in my "day job" as General Manager of a large seafood restaurant in Lynnwood. My question to you is this...

Who are the people that remove the chewed gum from your mouth and place it under the table you are sitting at? We removed over 50 pieces of gum from various tables around the restaurant recently and I have to say...that's pretty gross. I have created an anonymous questionnaire on the right here. If you have placed gum under the table at a restaurant, I want to know :) My next you do this at your own home? Is the underside of your table covered in gum? If so, when you bump your knee on the underside of the table does gum attach itself to your pants?

I would like to thank my servers and managers for scraping the gum of strangers from the underside of my tables...yuch.

C'mon gum chewers....confess!



fotodaddy said...

I have to say that I've NEVER done this! My parents raised me better than that. It makes no sense, especially at a restaurant that has plenty of napkins available to dispose of gum!

My guess is that the majority of gum dumpers are children with parents that are not involved in teaching them social skills. I see this everywhere in our society. It's truly a reflection of our society.

Thanks for clearing off the gum. Tammy and I ate the McGrath's in Vancouver last night for our date night (best Salmon in town!) and I shudder to think of all the gum that was just inches from me!

Jennifer said...

I don't do this as a regular event, but yes in my teen days and maybe other times. Yes, I have done this. I admit it.

I am not what I would call a gum chewer though either. I have jaw issues and chewing gum just isn't something I can do.

Yes, I had done this to my parents house on there table and I probably did it in the car as well. Thinking about it.

I scrape a whole lot of gum off the floor and seats in my bus too. It is gross for the most part. I use a screw driver and putty knife in the bus.

Don't fear me now though, as I don't think I could do this now days. It is gross.