Monday, January 14, 2008

Finally updated my web page

Howdy Y'all!

It's been a long time coming. I updated all the galleries on my web page. Visit to check it out. If you or anyone you know is looking for a wedding photographer in the greater Seattle area including Portland, OR please be sure to check out the site and pass the link on to your friends an family! Thank You!

Now for a couple funny stories about my kids...

Lea volunteers every now and then in Savannah's first grade class. Today her task was to take down the old pictures and hang the new ones. Savannah had a questionnaire posted.

Question Number 1: What is your favorite food?
Savannah's answer: Cupcakes

Question Number 2: What are you good at?
Savannah's answer: feeding my new baby pet kitten

Cute answer, especially considering we don't have a kitten :) She always has grandiose stories for her teacher and is showing an exceptionally strong imagination. I see politics in her future :)

Now for the pictures. Last night I set up the studio lights in the living room to shoot some stock photo's of the family appearing to watch movies on TV. We didn't have the TV on but instead I stuck a small action figure in the bottom of my soft box and told the girls to laugh like we were watching the funniest movie ever. They did a great job with that.

Next was the idea of us watching a scary movie. Again, there was no TV on, I just told them to pretend. Look at the genuine fear in Sophie's eyes in the scary pictures. She seriously looks scared. Too funny.

Have a good one!



Anonymous said...

great pictures!....maybe Sophie will be an actress!, gma

John said...

I see you had one person admit to putting gum under the table at a restaurant. Nice to know Pete is out of boot camp and back online. ;-)

pete said...

Yes, Pete just got home today. Feeling bold, as we all believe Xmas is tomorrow, I went to Wally World with Vince and we barely found our way home! Too funny. I guess it may take a couple days to get used to driving past so many sexy Snowbirds!

And where all of Savannah's teeth!