Friday, September 07, 2007

My little First Grader

It's hard to believe that Savannah is in the First Grade now. Yesterday was her first day at the new school. I was stuck at the Fish House so my ever-so-talented and amazingly beautiful wife Lea followed Savannah to school with one of my cameras and grabbed some pretty dang good pics in my opinion.

It was pretty cute because Savannah had told Lea at breakfast before she took even one bite.."I'm already full Mom." Full of butterflies is what her tummy was full of. She was nervous but excited. She's been reserved about the goings on at the school, but we know she likes it for sure. Last year we had applied for a variance to Mill Creek Elementary because we just weren't too thrilled about this school even though it is less than 1 block from our house. We were denied the variance this year and were pretty disappointed about it. Lea has met the new Principal and Savannah's teacher and has now given the thumbs up and says she really likes them. I haven't been able to meet them yet, but hopefully soon.

Have a good one!



fotodaddy said...

Mat...tell Leah to keep her day job! When this post first pulled up in my RSS reader, I kept, Matt's work just isn't looking as good as it usually does!. No offense Leah, but Mat's kicking your butt in the picture taking department.

They sure do grow up fast. My little one just started 4th grade and I can remember very clearly when she started her first day of Kindergarten. My oldest graduates next year...time really does fly. Enjoy these years.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Fotodaddy, My kids are my day job. Considering that I had a toddler by my side, a nervous 1st grader starting a new school, and a 5 pound camera that I didn't know how to operate;not to mention my emotions all over the place I think I did OK. :)
So......... You didn't want me to be your second shooter at your next wedding?

Anonymous said...

Hey Randy, You do know that I am kidding right? I didn't really offer to be a second shooter for you! Ha Ha
I would love it if Mat could see you in action!
Hope all is well.