Saturday, September 22, 2007


My Uncle John and Aunt Vickie live just shy of an hour north of us in Mount Vernon, Washington. John and Vickie have adventurous lifestyles and travel to exotic locations around the world from time to time and we were lucky enough to live close enough to them to get babysitting privileges for their awesome little dog Jasper. There was a long list of people that wanted to watch him when they were gone but we always got first dibs. He was quite simply, a little furball of love. He always had a juicy wet kiss for anyone that would get close enough. He loved my girls and my girls loved him even more. My Mother-In-Law met him a year or two ago on a visit and was motivated to immediately seek out a breeder of Shih-Tzu's to get a puppy (Tika) like Jasper. His energy, enthusiasm and happiness was contagious and you couldn't help but smile when he was around. All the kids in the neighborhood knew when he was at our house and they would be knocking on the door all day long asking if he could come out to play with them.

He was hit by a car last Wednesday just a few hours before he was heading our way for a 5 day layover at the Hayward House. John and Vickie are in California right now and John had asked me to post some photo's of Jasper. These photo's were taken in October of 2005. He was part of the family and will be greatly missed.

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