Monday, September 03, 2007

Jay and JoAnn

Jay and JoAnn are two architects that are madly in love! The had a beautiful ceremony at Parsons Garden yesterday on a beautiful Sunday in Seattle. I had never been to Parson't Garden before. It is just a couple of blocks up the road from the best viewpoint of downtown Seattle Kerry Park. I've been up there many times for various photo shoots but never ventured past Kerry Park. Parsons Garden is a small park and across the street is a spectacular view of the Puget Sound.

I love small weddings. My wife and I were married in Maui and had 17 guests. Don't get me wrong, big weddings are a great deal of fun as well but there is something about the intimacy of a small wedding that creates an energy that is for lack of a better term...magical. The love between Jay and JoAnn and with their family members and friends was very apparent and I had that warm fuzzy feeling throughout the day and when there was time I kept calling my wife to tell her how much I love her as well.

We started the day at a cool Salon called Sublime Salon in Downtown Seattle. After that, it was off to Sculpture Park so Jay and JoAnn could see each other for the first time that day. It was an emotional moment and really set the tone for the entire day. At that time, it was really hot outside so we took a few quick photo's and headed up the wedding site where the weather was quite literally...perfect!

The reception was at the Tyee Yacht Club where no detail was forgotten. Hundreds of Candles lit the room with two long tables in the center to seat everyone for an amazing steak dinner. The view was amazing as the Club sat over the water. It was an intimate reception and I truly felt privileged to have been there to capture the moments.

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