Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Photographer's Challenge

Hi Everyone,

This past Sunday afternoon I hosted a competition with 20 photographers from around the Pacific Northwest. We met at the Pike Place Market and for 90 minutes walked around the city shooting what we saw. We were limited to using just one camera with a 50mm fixed lens. I am blown away by the impressive variety and quality of the photo's submitted. Check them out on my web page by clicking on the Client Proofing Gallery and entering the password: DWF

Leave a comment with which image was your favorite would ya? The image number isn't necessarily the large number under the photo. It is the number on the bottom left corner of the photo. I'm still waiting for some photographers to submit their pics so I may be adding more.

Have a great day!



Jennifer said...

I am glad I am not a judge for your contest. I looked at the first half of the images. I liked the man hole cover and the man with the sausages on his head.

John said...

I liked #5 hobo with cigar.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, how do you pick? Those are great, I love the manniquins, the baskets of raspberrys, the apples, and the yellow rozza

pete said...

i agree with John. The hobo man smoking was great. Looks like me in 10 years