Monday, May 29, 2006

Date Night

For the first time since September, Lea and I had a date! For her birthday I had bought us tickets to Teatro Zinzanni. I had heard good things about it, but nothing I had heard prepared me for the incredible show, dinner and all around great time we had! If you live in the Seattle area and haven't gone to this show...Buy your tickets right now! It is worth every penny and more! We had the best seats in the house. Right on the floor directly next to the stage, so all of the actors spent a lot of time with us. At one point, one of the actors pulled me onto the floor to attempt to throw a hat on my head. To my embarrassment, I had missed. So on his next attempt, instead of throwing the hat someone snuck up behind me and slammed one on my head. One of the main stars of the show kept hitting on Lea. At one point rubbing some vibrating device on her back, softly caressing her arms and kissing her hands (which caused his mouth to glow brightly). He is the guy that is on the giant mural Lea is standing in front of. The bald man in the photo with Lea was another of the main stars. Check out to read about who he is. 4 Presidents chose him as their favorite comedian as did the Queen of England, Johnny Carson, Dave Letterman, Jay Leno and Lea and I. He was so freaking funny I could hardly contain myself. Anyway, it's late and I am exhausted so I'll wrap this up. If you get a chance to see the show...Do it!

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