Sunday, September 26, 2010

The XX in Seattle

What's better than watching The XX perform live in concert? Watching them perform twice!

On Saturday afternoon, the intensely popular band The XX performed in front of a very small crowd of lucky listeners who won their tickets through 107.7 The End. The XX played 3 songs at the Gibson Show room then later traveled up 9 blocks to play to what appeared to be a sold out crowd at the Paramount.

I have to tell you, I am a fan. Watching them at the Paramount I was very much reminded of Pink Floyd. I also picked up a Cowboy Junkies Vibe and even at one point in time they had me thinking of Chris Isaac. Odd I know and this is why I am not a Rock Writer but rather a photographer :)

They were very entertaining, the sound was flawless and their stage presence was phenomenal. I hope you enjoy the photos.

These feet belong to one of the girls in one of the opening bands but I think the pic is pretty cool so I had to add it.

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