Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jen and Tyson get married!

On Sunday August 10, 2008 I had a unique opportunity. My beautiful Cousin Jen married a great guy named Tyson and was thrilled to photograph the day. They were married in Port Angeles, WA at a beautiful French Restaurant owned by good friends of Jen's Dad (my Uncle John) C'est Si Bon.

The trip to Port Angeles didn't take as long as I had expected to I was happy to get there early enough to catch Jen and her Bridesmaids getting hair and makeup done. We headed over to the restaurant shortly after. It was great because my Mom, Uncles, Cousins were all there. While I was working of course, it was a great opportunity to catch up with family too.

Outside setting up flowers was Jen's Mom Patty. She said to me "I used to be your Aunt." Of course I remembered her very well and had been excited to see her as it's probably been nearly 30 years since the last time. I quickly informed her that she is still my Aunt and I got a big hug as a result.

Jen was so fun to spend the day with as her sense of humor is just like her Dad's. My Uncle John is someone that can make me laugh as much as, if not more than anyone else I know. He always has a funny look or an expression that is perfect for whatever moment has come up. Jen was the same way. Silly faces and jokes provided relief from the tension for her friends and family as well as herself. Get John and Jen together and watch out. See the photo below of the moment just before he walked her down the aisle to get an idea of what I'm referring to :)

After the ceremony they had a fun reception with a killer dinner. Filet Mignon or a Seafood dish were delicious. It was the first wedding I had been photographing where I was invited to sit at the table with the Father of the Bride. It was a great table to sit at too because John is as nuts about wine as anyone I know (except maybe Karen :) so there was some good vino being poured too.

It was a great day and I was thrilled to be there to photograph it and to enjoy it!

The Bride to be.
My Mom
Getting the Wedding Dress on is not an easy task.
Jen's Mom seeing her in the dress for the first time.
Too cute!
Daddy's Little Girl is all grown up now.
They got it together before the ceremony began though..:)
It was a beautiful day to get married.

I grabbed this photo real quick while Jen was holding her dress up to be bustled. Everythign is a photo op as far as I'm concerned :)
A Happy Husband.
My Brother-In-Law Mike and beautiful Niece Avery.
Here is a shot of my daughter Savannah asking the Bride to strike a pose. I was so proud :)
This little guy couldn't resist the temptation of the bridal bouquet lying by itself on a table nearby.
A proud Father.
1st Dance as husband and wife.
They simply could not keep their hands off each other.
I don't normally add these shots to the blog but the look on her face cracked me up as she looks about as nervous before the cake feeding as any bride I've ever seen. Nothing to worry about though..Tyson was quite the gentleman.
My adorable niece Ella is already breaking boys hearts!
Going for the garter.
Uncle Mark and Aunt Diane meeting a bit of resistance giving my Cousin Casey a bit of love.

The grand exit through a wall of bubbles.
Have fun on your honeymoon!
The problem with shooting a wedding with family is they feel compelled to take my camera from me. Lea shot this terrifying photo...yikes, are my nostrils really that big?!


Sophia said...

The photo of little boy holding the bridal bouquet is just too cute. Also love the photo of proud father, it really captures a lot of emotion.

Anonymous said...

who is this Karen the wine drinker you speak of? why have I not drank wine with her? Once again your pictures reduce me to sobbing shameful tears no man should be seen shedding. Darn you and your photos. I can't wait to see the rest of them! As Jenni and I walked down the aisle, I know everyone was saying to themselves: "dang, that guy looks great in a tux!". Of course Jenni looked beautiful too. I hope she got noticed. Man that tux looked great on me. Seriously dude, one of the best days of my life, thank you for preserving it for us. You are a gentleman and a scholar. You were so busy working that day, we should sit and have a calm bottle of wine and remember the day sometime soon. Your best work! Uncle John boy.

Anonymous said...

Has John been working out???


Mellimage said...

When I saw that last picture i was just about to ask the very same question you raised. Nice portraits though!