Monday, August 20, 2007

Savannah loses a tooth!

"I've got a wiggler Dad!"

Those were Savannah's words last week as she could hardly contain her excitement. It was barely loose, but sure enough, it was a wiggler. We weren't allowed to mess with it much as she was excited about the prospects of cash from the tooth fairy but apprehensive of the process of the yanking. I suppose it didn't help much when I loudly asked Lea to get me some string. When asked I gave Savannah a sly grin and said to tie around her tooth then the doorknob. I demonstrated the slamming of the door and that was the last time I was allowed to even look at her tooth. Sometimes the kids take me literally I guess. I suppose I'll have to watch that :)

A few days went by and she had an appointment with the dentist. I was sure he would deprive me of my opportunity to yank the tooth. He looked at it and it wasn't quite ready. He told her to wiggle it as much as possible to loosen it up as the replacement tooth was already coming in behind it. She took his advice and by the time I got home from work it was really loose. She let me check it's wiggability and it was good. I grabbed a piece of TP and told her I wanted to "clean the tooth." I had a good grip and pulled, but nothing doing. The wiggler was stuck. All I had managed to do was freak her out yet again as apparently the tugging didn't tickle.

The next night it was really loose. Her cousin Athena was visiting from Eugene, OR and I asked Savannah if I could look at it again. Her response...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As she ran in terror and Athena blocked my path in an attempt to protect her.

OK, I deserved that I thought. As she was getting ready for bed however, she asked me how the Dentist would pull her tooth. "I'll show you." I said. I grabbed another piece of TP for maximum grip. "You're not going to pull on it though right?" She said with a hint of fear in her voice. "Of course not sweetheart, I'm just going to show you what the Dentist would do." I gripped the tooth and pulled. I felt it budge a bit and knew it was my chance. I kept my grip, gave it a twist and yanked hard. Blood flew from her mouth and sprayed across the room! No, just kidding about the blood. I just wanted to add a little more drama to the story. Sorry bout that. Anyway, I had the tooth in the TP and said that's what the Dentist would do. She said "Oh." Then she must have felt something odd because she put her finger in her mouth and gave the funniest look. "Did you..HEY! It's gone!!!! You pulled it! MOMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! It's gone!" She took off running out of her room looking to show Lea. When she was showing her she said "I really wanted you to pull it Dad." I knew she did, but was relieved all the same to learn she wasn't ticked.

It's such a trip to have the kids go through the various stages of growing up.


Uncle Peet said...

Oh man, that's awesome. Please tell her that I can not wait to see it this next weekend and give her some extra cash!

I will try to get another one myself. If not her, Sophie!

Anonymous said...

ooooooooooooohhhhhh! thats the one thing I couldnt do was teeth!!!!gma

Anonymous said...

Honey, you left out a few other details............... Like the fact that you didn't just try to pull her tooth a few times. You followed her around begging her, then when she said NO you thought about trying to get it while she slept!!
I can't beleive my first baby lost her first tooth! She already has one in it's place.
I don't think that Sophie will be as trusting Dad!