Monday, June 11, 2007

Wedding Crasher

It's not the kind of Wedding Crasher you're thinking of. Friday night I photographed an awesome wedding (pictures to come later this week). We were in a bit of a time crunch to get from the venue to Lake Union for some formals and then back to the venue in time for the wedding. The shoot went well and the Bride and Groom headed back. My assistant Joshua and I loaded our gear into the back seat (which was weird because I always put my stuff in the trunk) and headed off. A car slowed to let me in and make a right hand turn. I went to the left lane and started to turn left when I noticed a car in the oncoming lane going extremely fast so I hit the brakes when BAM! The car that was nice enough to let me in slammed in to me. Crap! Talk about pressure, the wedding was starting shortly and I did not have time to deal with an accident. Fortunately the guy that hit me was pretty cool. We traded names and numbers and I headed up to the wedding. I never did tell the Bride and Groom as I didn't want to put any attention on myself during a day that is all about them. I suppose if they are reading my blog that they will now know :)

It was an exciting part of a great day and I'm glad no one was seriously injured. I'm really glad we didn't store our camera in the trunk! I haven't posted about my new camera but I'm sure I will...the Canon 1D Mark III is in my camera bag now and if you are photographer reading this, let me tell lives up to the hype!




Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to my talented, funny, handsome, loving, husband!! If I could post your birthday on the main page of your blog I would!! Have a great day. I simply LOVE and ADORE you with all my heart.

Brett Favre said...

gag me with a spoon