Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sophie's 15 minutes

Just got back from a winemakers dinner at a great restaurant on the water in Seattle called Palisades. While I'd like to think it was because of my wit and charm the servers kept my glass(es) full it was probably because of the cash I kept slipping them...the dinner was incredible and the wine was phenomenal! We were at a table with the owner of the restaurant and her husband who works at Amazon.com. Two ladies to my left who were former original Microsoft employees. My beautiful wife to my right and an old wine snob to her right. As I mentioned I just got back so it's difficult at best to keep the typos to a minimum. As a result I'm going to keep this short. Around the Zoo are pics of my beautiful girl Sophie on the Carousel. Attached is apic of her with her pic.

Have a good one and thanks for the birthday wishes!


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Anonymous said...

Yeah Sophie!!! I knew she would be the model in the family.....cutie pie...love, Grandma