Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sophie's Birthday

Thursday April 26, 2007 Sophie is turning 3! It's hard to believe. When Savannah was this age, Lea was delivering Sophie. I hope that Lea isn't getting any wild ideas at this stage of our lives. Especially since my operation...yikes!

We are heading to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner ( tomorrow night. Lea spent the afternoon making and decorating a great Princess Ariel Cake. Check this thing out, it's awesome. Right now Sophie's favorite princess is Ariel, though if we put the right DVD in, her favorite princess can quickly switch to Jasmine. Of course she will be spoiled rotten. I will not promise to upload any pics tomorrow, but I will do my best. So many new photo's in my computer right now. I really need to get busy on this blog.

Be sure to call and wish Sophie a Happy Birthday tomorrow!


Pete Hayward said...

Dude, do you really think it's wise to feed a 3 year old rocks? Kind of mean to put em on a cake, like here you go kid, look but if you eat you'll be sorry. Ouch.

Are there any kind of laws where you live, or age-limits on kids owning switch-blades????

Feliz Cumpleanos Sophie!!!

Uncle Peet

Meg said...

Sooo cute, rock candy and all - I haven't seen that in ages! I bet big 3 year old Sophie loved it!!

Tell her Happy birthday from us, and let the girls know that Ella is ready to bounce like crazy at the party :-) Although I don't think she'll be able to wear shoes... hope that won't be a problem hehehe ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sophie Ann ......I love you! grandma