Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2 new slideshows

Since some of my friends that check this blog every now and then are Rams fans I thought I should create a slideshow featuring photo's just from the Seahawks/Rams game last week. Sorry folks, but I used the same song so you will have to sit through listening to Guns and Roses again if you want to watch it. The slideshow I posted last week had limited amounts of pics from both games I shot to give a brief example of what I can do in case someone wants me to cover more NFL games.

Also, I mentioned last week about the Queen for a Day event in which 150 women were bussed in from battered women's shelters around the state to be wined and dined, and all around pampered. The following link will take you to that slideshow if you are interested. Some of the photo's were taken by another local photographer Steve Paxton.


Meg said...

Love the queens for a day... that's awesome -

Anonymous said...

If you intention was to reduce me to a blubbering mess, then you succeeded. Well done Mat!

Laura Woodward said...

The Queen for a Day was fabulous! Totally brought me to tears that someone cared enough to do this for these women, but then again to photograph it to share with others. Thanks Mat!