Saturday, March 04, 2006

My Vacation is Winding Down

Well, my recovery is still in progress. There are shades of Black and Blue that I won't be talking about in too much detail, use your imagination then multiply it times 10. The photo of the Zebra below was published on the top front page of section B in Wednesdays Seattle PI. That is a huge newspaper and they even spelled my name right! I was pretty excited to see it.

I'm hanging out with Sophie right now as Lea and Savannah are at the store buying toys and clothes for children in Africa. It's a pretty great program, they put fun items in a wrapped up box and kids get to open them up. Savannah is really excited about it. Now if I can talk Lea into letting me fly to Africa for a photo safari :)

Take care y'all. For those of you that don't know me, if you happen to click on my brothers name in any of the comments on this blog and you read his blog...I cannot be held responsible. He is this tattooed poet dude that lives in the armpit of Oregon and I think that all the years I beat him to a pulp as a child have finally caught up to him.

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John said...

Hey you know, Pete's blog has enlightened us to your recent sex change operation...we just want you to know , it's ok. We're behind you 100% on this life changing part of your life dude. We love you man. Welcome to Brokeback mountain.