Sunday, January 29, 2006

Seattle Rocks! Go Hawks!

Savannah and I got up at 6AM today and drove down to Qwest Field to see the Seahawks off to Detroit where they are going to kick the crap out of the Steelers next Sunday. We got to the stadium at around 7:30 as the rally was to start at 8. There were thousands of people there already. Turns out they didn't plan for that many people as they had everything set up on the steps of the north entrance. By the time we got there the Fire Marshall had cut off everyone from crossing the fence and we were stuck outside. I hoisted Savannah up on my shoulders so she could watch. We got the jist of it from where we were. Mike Holmgren, Matt Hasselbeck and Shawn Alexander gave speeches, all the players were there as were the Seagals :) They're Savannah's favorite. It is pretty great being up in Seattle this time of year, I put a big banner up in the lobby of the restaurant and have been running dinner specials such as True Cod Holmgren, Hasselbeck Halibut Cheeks and 12th Man-icotti. OK, I stole the 12th Man-Icotti idea, don't tell anyone in Texas about it.

After the Seahawks, we went to the Woodland Park Zoo. Once again we had the place to ourselves pretty much. Most of the animals were pretty active, I got some good shots of the Hippos, the Tiger growled at us and we got to watch the gorilla's regurgitate their food into their hands and eat it over and over again. Love it!

Go Hawks!


Paul said...

Nice hippo photo! I have African animals that I photographed on my blogs too.

Pete Hayward said...

Great picture of Savannah! Too bad her outfit stinks!

Fuzzy Bunny said...

Where are the Adult pictures?

Looks like you have figured out how to remove the camera lens cap.

I thought the Eagle pictures you sent me where great, especially the one in flight.

Your sister-in-law looked good too. She hasn't changed much at all since I last saw her.

Keep riding the Rump, You Ranger.