Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My First Blog

I have finished my vacation and am back to the Fish House Grind. My week off was very much needed and very fun to say the least. Mostly I laid around the house, worked on my web page and edited some photo's. In addition, we drove up to Rockport, WA to view the Bald Eagles on the Skagit River. During the month of January one of the two largest gatherings of Bald Eagles in the world is about an hour and a half drive from Seattle. We saw at least 40 Eagles, probably more. I got some decent photos, but they could have been better. Next weekend I'm renting a 400mm 2.8 lens (I'd buy one but they're $6,500) to get some great photo's. After that it was back to the Woodland Park Zoo. It was a crappy day out so I had the place to myself. I was shooting photo's of the female lion with my 70-200 lens when I realized I couldn't focus on her, I backed up a bit, but still couldn't. I took my eye off the camera to see what the problem was and realized she was standing with her nose up to the glass about 4 inches away from me. She got my heart racing a bit I must admit. Anway, she's very photogenic and I've gotten some of my best photos of her. This is my first ever blog so we'll see if it works out. Hopefully I'll update it often :)


Pete Hayward said...

I think your blog is awesome Matt, and I love fish and eagles, so maybe we could hook up some time and sniff tuna! Great pics! ~Jess Simpson

Pete Hayward said...

jesus christ man, I thought u said u were going to update this thing. Don't rush yourself.

Daren said...

Nice shootin Hayward!! You have got some great pics in here. Hope all is well.