Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Florence and the Machine

Florence and the Machine played before a sold out crowd at WaMu Theater on Thursday night with Head and the Heart and Mat Kearney.

Let me start with a story...I told my wife Lea that I was shooting Florence and the Machine and she said "Who?" I said "Oh never mind, Head and the Heart is playing too." She said "Who?" "Oh forget it" I said. Then I said "Matt Kearney is playing too." She freaked out! "Oh my gosh I love Mat Kearney!" She screamed like my 12 year old niece talking about Justin Bieber. I had never seen her get excited about a musician I was shooting before.

That being said I felt added pressure to get some good shots of him :) Mat opened the show and was super entertaining. Charming, funny and a great repertoire of songs. Not only that but he spells his name with just one T like yours truly and he is from my home town of Eugene, OR. How can you not just love this guy?

Head and the Heart came out next for their last show of the year. It's been several months since I last photographed them and I can tell you with pure honesty that I was blown away by their evolution as a group. They were so much more well-rounded and polished with their stage presence. Before they seemed to be almost in disbelief that they had become so popular. They now seem to me to feel very comfortable in the spotlight but in a very humble way. I was very impressed with their performance and look forward to seeing them again.

Last but certainly not least was Florence and the Machine. I had shot Monday night, Tuesday night, all day Wednesday, while working my day job all week including Thursday and I am not too proud to admit I was tired! Florence came out and that was immediately forgotten. Halfway through her first song I almost dropped my camera in disbelief. My body was covered head to toe in goosebumps and I couldn't help but say "Wow!" over and over again. She has this ethereal presence about her and seemed to almost float across the stage. Her voice was powerful and strong yet beautiful and delicate simultaneously. I was awe-struck and continue to be. It was such a privilege to shoot that concert. I hope you like the photos.

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