Monday, August 17, 2009

Napa Valley

As you may know, I have been in Sacramento, CA for a while waiting for the Seattle Hard Rock Cafe to open in Seattle, WA shortly. It's been torture to be only an hour away from Napa but committed to keep a promise I made to my wife Lea that I wouldn't visit America's Premier Wine Country without going with her first. So instead I would just drive down to Safeway and buy a bottle of wine or two to consume in my little Sacramento Apartment imagining what it would be like to be in Napa.

Saturday night while working I walked into the dining room at the Cafe and was shocked to find my beautiful Bride sitting at the bar waiting for me. She had driven for 2 days straight for a one day booty, I mean to see me. The, well..the second thing I thought to do was to hop in the car and drive to Napa Valley so that's what we did. Here are the photo's...

The Barrel room at Sterling Winery.

The more wine we drank, the friskier Lea got..funny how that happens ain't it?
Mmmmm, imagine how these grapes are going to taste crushed, fermented and bottled
One of my very favorite white wines introduced to me by my Uncle John years ago was filling the shelves at the Franciscan Estates Winery!
If you are ever in Napa, Mustards is the place to eat!
Ahi Tuna on homemade crackers..scrumpdiddlyumptious.
How lucky am I to get to sit across from this hot babe at dinner?
This Pork Chop might possibly be one of the greatest meals I have ever eaten in my life...seriously.
A white wine taste
A red wine taste

I want to come shoot this scene when the light is better.
To get to the tasting room at Sterling Winery you had to ride in one of these cool things.


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Dear Husband! One of the benefits of having such a fantastic photographer as your husband are all of his amazing skills to help make his subjects look better. Where is the photoshop work on my wrinkles and flaws Mr. Hayward? C'mon, hook a girl up!

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