Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I had the privilege of photographing an amazing dancer Lydia in front of the Golden Gate Bridge late last week.

It goes to show there is no such thing as an original idea! Last night my Bride and I watched the Curious Case of Benjamin Button (a great movie by-the-way) and in it the woman was reflecting on her past life as a ballerina. She was showing photo's of herself and several others in a ballet dance move that was shot in virtually the exact same spot these were taken! It blew my mind.

For you photogs out there you may be interested to know that there was a good chunk of wind out there. Fortunately, Lydia's sister was there to have her photo taken and was able to help by holding a light stand for me. Because I only had one extra body to hold a stand, I only brought one down. It got dark very fast and I was only able to light her face and arm with the one light so I took another flash, hooked up a PW, dropped it to the ground and 100% guessed on the output power to keep the exposure right, I think I lucked out! I can't wait to shoot her again with a little more flexible light!

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