Saturday, May 23, 2009

Many pics from the Bay Area

Elton John is really upset he can't find his outfit right now.

smells like Eugene around here..

A very appropriately named event
LOVE the socks!

This guy was INTENSE!
uhhh, OK
The veggie section.
No comment.
If she doesn't scream Eugene, I don't know who does.
There was tea and crumpets served as well as pot and hash. What the heck is a crumpet anyway?
This girl was insane with the hula hoops!
A funky dance scene to say the least. I started to do my whole "Stayin Alive" disco shaking/gyrating thing and the DJ scratched the record as soon as he saw me, it was followed by an awkward silence, the sounds of crickets, a baby crying and my heart pounding out of my chest. Awkward.
Welcome to the Haight!
Alex used to come to this bar when he worked in the bay area. It had a great feel to it.
This is a great way to spend a lazy day off...seriously

I was sooo close to buying Lea a set of matching pasties and underwear here...luckily I had the voice of reason Alex with me to tell me that it would have been more a gift for me :)

Do they know how to do graffiti in San Francisco or what?

Ducking into the opera house to pee I grabbed this eerie shot in the hall. I am genuinely curious what you think of it.
A lot has been going on this month. I haven't been able to post much as I simply haven't had much time. This post will represent an accumulation of photo's from a couple of "trippy" experiences in San Francisco. A common theme in these places are strong reminders of my home town Eugene, OR. I shot pics at the Weird Fair and on Haight Street. Both places were "aromatic" in an herbal and B.O. type way. Funny stuff.

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