Sunday, October 28, 2007

We met up with the Kowger family today at the Stocker Farms Pumpkin Patch and had an awesome time there during a beautiful, sunny Fall day. They charge you an arm and a leg to get inside their amusement area. The first attraction is a few rocking horse kid toys and I have to admit I was wondering if my wife knew what she was talking about when she chose this Patch over the others we have been to at the past. The girls enjoyed the horses so what the hay right? Get it...hay. Anyway, they had a face painting booth but we didn't want the girls to get painted as I was hoping to get our family portrait done. I lost that battle. They had these giant hamster wheel things for people to climb inside to race in. The girls really wanted to try it out but they were required to wear helmets that had been worn by every other person that had climbed in the hamster wheels and Lea didn't think that was too good an idea. Mike and I had been talking about doing it since we arrived and never got around to it. Heck, we're both bald so I don't think the used helmets would have been too big a concern for us. Anyway, they had tires hanging around to throw footballs through. Potato sack race setups (in which Savannah kicked my butt). A giant, inflatable pumpkin for the kids to bounce around it. They had quite a few logs around with buckets of nails and hammers for the kids to pound. That was a big hit. They had pots and pans drum stations set up. More good clean fun. They also had a bit pond with bamboo fishing poles for the kids to drop a line in. Savannah caught a monster! I mean a whopper! Must've been a 14 inch Rainbow Trout! I know I am forgetting things they had, but I am tired and have a big day ahead of me tomorrow so for once I am going to be brief.

See ya next time!


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