Friday, March 02, 2007

My Wife the Eskimo

Yesterday we woke up to about 8 inches of snow on the ground. Driving home from downtown Seattle the night before it was snowing pretty steady but I had no idea how much was going to fall all said and done. The first day of March turned into the biggest snow day in our area this year! The roads were super slick so of course there was no school. I was at work, Lea was at home with the girls so what else was there to do but build an igloo?

At around noon or so she sent me a photo on my phone of a wall of snow she had built. I called her to ask what she was doing and she told me she was building an igloo. Uh, OK I thought. Fun way to pass a little time I suppose. I was busy at the restaurant and didn't check in much with her. 6 hours later I got another picture on my phone with the completed project! With just a 30 minute break in the day my wife spent 6 hours packing snow into a tupperware bowl and built a friggin igloo! Apparently she ran out of snow in the front yard and started going into the backyard with a wheelbarrow to load up that snow. Once during the day I spoke with her on the phone. Before she said hello I heard..."Hey! Don't play in our snow!" Then she explained that the neighbor children were making snowballs using snow that had fallen on our grass. At that point I became genuinely frightened. It was clear she was on a serious mission and no way a 6 year old punk kid was going to stop her from completing it :)

All said and done, this thing is cool! I am seriously impressed as it's pretty dang big and really well built. Check it out!


John said...

You know I'm concerned about the overall structural integrity of the structure. It appears to be leaning to one side, and I seriously doubt whether a permit was even obtained to construct it. Add to that the child labor obviously used in construction, and the possible alcohol involved by the general contractor, I give the unit 24 hours.

peet said...

You should send the pictures to Oprah, titled "My wife needs a day at the spa"

Anonymous said...

that is amazing....what size tupperware bowl?...dont listen to them Lea, It is a work of art.....linda