Sunday, December 17, 2006


After thousands and thousands of emails from people begging me to lose the Eagle photo and make a new blog I have finally found the time. My Mom, my Dad, my Brother Pete and his family, my Sister Megan and her family drove up yesterday and enjoyed a Christmas dinner made by my beautiful wife Lea. I was working during one of the busiest weekends ever at the Fish House so unfortunately I missed dinner but I heard it was great. After I got home, all the kids were amped up big time on sugar but we made them go to bed anyway. We played spoons to determine the order in which we chose a gift and my wife dominated the game and came away with an ice cream maker brought by Megan. She also brought an original Atari game which distracted Mike, Pete and I for a while trying to re-master Pitfall.

Every year, my Mom packs gigantic stockings for each of her kids, our spouses and our kids. Talk about a ton of work! She spends all year working on these gifts and outdoes herself every year. Thanks Mom for everything!

Pete, my brother also went ahead and bought presents for all of our kids...Drumsticks. Yeah, I'm going to get him back.

Anyway, they are all on the road right now so I thought I'd post a few pics I shot today and yesterday while they were here.

Hopefully I will post before next week, but just in case I don't....Merry Christmas!


Meg said...

Great photos :-) Thanks for having us at your home :-) Don't forget to email me your lake house shots... and I'll take that one of Ella too! Haha, let the family hounding of pictures begin!

Hope you guys have a merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

great pics..had a great time...good dinner, mom.....